suffering from sprain or strain injury plantar fasciitis

Do you have plantar fasciitis in Cordova TN? When the band that connects your calcaneus (heel bone) to the toes, the plantar fascia, becomes inflamed it can cause a lot of pain. Plantar fasciitis is most prevalent in runners, obese/overweight individuals, pregnant women, as well as people that wear improper shoes with little to no support. Other likely causes and/or contributing factors may be too much standing, vitamin C deficiency, and a sudden change to increased activity.

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis in Cordova TN

The likelihood of developing this condition increases between the ages of 40 to 70. Someone suffering from plantar fasciitis may experience stabbing pain in the heel and it generally is worse first thing in the morning with the first few steps of the day. The pain often reduces with continued walking, and it is not common to experience planar fasciitis in both feet simultaneously. If left untreated, a heel spur may occur.

In order to make a proper diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, an exam must be performed. During the exam, your foot will be tested by performing reflexes, testing muscle strength and tone, as well as coordination and balance. A structural evaluation will also be performed to check the knees, hips, and pelvis. If there is poor weight distribution or improper gait (walking pattern) then that may have caused the plantar fasciitis. To rule out any other possible causes, such as a heel spur, fracture, or subluxation, an X-ray may be taken.

How do We Treat plantar fasciitis?

We treat plantar fasciitis with Softwave therapy. Softwave therapy is an extracorporeal shock wave therapy that's a noninvasive treatment that involves delivering sound waves to injured tissue to shut down the pain cascade and create an environment for the damaged tissue to heal.

These high-energy acoustic waves cause cell walls to become permeable allowing exosomes (and other stem cell attractant chemicals) to escape into the interstitial tissue mimicking cellular injury which triggers the migration of the body's own stem cells to the area.

This treatment is 100% non-traumatic to tissues and cells. It essentially "tricks" the body into thinking it's been injured resulting in an activation of the body's own healing response.

There is no downtime, no anesthesia, no injections, and generally no activity restrictions after treatment.


  • Pain reduction
  • Activates stem cells recruitment/migration to the treatment area
  • Angiogenesis (new formation of blood vessels)
  • Reduction of apoptosis (programmed cell death)
  • Suppresses acute inflammation & modulates the inflammatory response
  • Improves wound healing
  • Induces neuronal regeneration (regeneration of peripheral nerves after injury)

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