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Chiropractor Cordova TN Jared WootonFor Dr. Jared Wootton chiropractic has always been a way of life. He is a 3rd generation chiropractor who has been getting adjusted since he was born. His whole life he has seen and heard first hand the miracles in which God used chiropractic to restore someone's health and give them their life back. It was through these experiences that Dr. Wootton realized his true calling as a chiropractor. "While growing up, if anyone in the family was sick, the first thing we did was get adjusted. We got adjusted to make sure our nervous system and immune system were functioning at its full potential. I also got adjusted even when I wasn't feeling sick. This was done to make sure my body was functioning at the highest level. That helped me out a lot especially when it came to playing sports like baseball, basketball and football." Through his extensive training Dr. Wootton has been able to provide the highest quality chiropractic care to many families here in the Memphis area.

Chiropractor Cordova TN Jared WootonDr. Wootton graduated with his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has taken many hours of extensive training which allows him to care for newborn babies, pregnant mothers to be and the entire family. Dr. Wootton has provided great care for 1000's of patients and he treats each one like a member of his own family. He considers it a privilege to serve each patient he cares for and help them to achieve their individual goals. Dr. Wootton is passionate about chiropractic and educating his patients on how to live a life of true health and wellness.

Dr. Wootton enjoys reading, working out, playing guitar, softball, volleyball and playing make believe with his daughters. He lives a very active life and relies on chiropractic to keep him going.

Dr. Wootton has served on the membership committee of the Tennessee Chiropractic Association. He is an active member of the Tennessee Chiropractic Association and the Palmer Student Alumni Foundation.

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